The Empress

Sarah Stardust's creator had made many different versions of Sarah Stardust before settling on the fairy that would become the one true empress. When she flew into Neverberry Thicket for the first time, she thought it was the most magical thing she had ever seen. A little while after settling in, she decided to create a world-inside-of-a-world...the Merfairy Empire. She didn't really know what it was going to be like, or how it would turn out. But she just enjoyed herself and began building it. She tailored a simple full-length skirt for a tail, and soon others joined in. Over time, the tail became better, as did the empire. It grew so large and so fast that Sarah could hardly believe it. She then called herself the Merfairy Empress, and everyone knew her by that title. Eventually, Sarah had many followers and enemies alike, and often times her enemies would lash out and try to either steal or destroy her empire. Each time, though, she accepted and overcame every challenge and would not allow anyone to bring down the world that she and her friends enjoyed living in. Over a span of a few years, Sarah got better with satisfying the needs and wants of her subjects by having events, parties, meetings and a few rules to keep things in order. Sadly, though, Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow closed on September 19, 2013, and with it, so did the Merfairy Empire. Today, Sarah's creator keeps Sarah Stardust's name alive on Pixie Hollow Forums so that she can keep in touch with friends and make updates about her (not yet officially announced) juvenile fiction novel.

The Empire

The empire's kingdoms consisted of Sunflower Gully, Cottonpuff Field, Havendish Square, Dewdrop Vale and Snowcap Glade.

The official server (where things such as meetings and events were held) was Serene Ledge.

The empire's allies consisted of the Elemental, Wolf and Lite Ninja empires.

The other high positions in the empire included the queen (Abigail Glitterbell), princess (Wallflower Prettyjewel), general (Rachel Rosepetal) and admiral (Twilight Lighttwirl).

Each merfairy was commonly identified by the power or powers she possessed. Sarah Stardust, being the empress, had every magical ability in her possession so that she would have the means to fully and properly protect her empire. Every merfairy is different, but a normal merfairy would typically have one or two magical abilities that they would focus on and master.

The Merfairy Code

1. Merfairies stands for peace, love, happiness and justice.

2. A merfairy should always defend their empire, no matter what.

3. A fellow merfairy never gets left behind.

4. A merfairy should never use their powers for selfish or evil purposes.

5. A merfairy should never go into battle with vampires or merfairy catchers without the aid of fellow merfairies and (unless the situation requires immediate action) the approval of the empress.

6. What happens in the the empire stays in the empire (meaning: a merfairy should not share information about the personal affairs of the empire, unless it be clearly or obviously alright to do so).


Weekly Merfairy Meeting: Every Saturday at 3:00 PM Pixie Standard Time in Serene Ledge at Sunflower Gully. All merfairies were welcome to come and speak at the meetings.

Peace Day: Every Sunday. A day to try and focus on being peaceful with no fighting or stress.

Merfairy Princess Election Day: Every year on January 1st to elect a new princess for the empire.

Merfairy Masquerade Ball: Every October 23rd. A day where all the merfairies gathered to dress in costumes and go Tail-or-Treating at other merfairies' homes.

Merfairy Empress Appreciation Day: Every year on November 14th to recognize the hard work and dedication that the empress put into her empire.


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Meria Riptide and the Merfairy Secret

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